Best Fashion Brands


Dior is a French apparel brand which designs and sells luxury goods like clothing, footwear, fashion accessories, skincare and makeup products. The company launched its first fashion collection in 1947 as a Spring-Summer release. The company makes a huge revenue of 42 billion euros annually.


Chanel is a multi billion high fashion brand located in Paris, France. The company retails read-to-wear, fashion accessories and other luxury products. The company’s revenue shoots up to an average of 5.2 billion dollars each year. The two Cs in the logo represents the founder and fashion designer of the famous brand, Gabrielle Chanel (popularly known as Coco chanel). The brands comes up with various fashion collections showcasing their clothing each year.

Louis Vuitton

From fashionable clothings to classic handbags Louis Vuitton(LV) stands out in the fashion world. The House of LV was formed in the year 1854 by Louis Vuitton. The brand sells its fashionable goods through online, standalone boutiques and other departmental stores. The company makes a whooping revenue of 10 billion dollar annually. It also holds the pride of being the most valuable luxury brand for six consecutive years (2006 – 2012).


Gucci is one of the best known luxury brands founded by Guccio Gucci in the nineteen-twenties partly owned by the French company Kering. The company started off in Florence as a brand for small leather goods and now claims over 550 stores worldwide selling high fashionable apparels and accessories. This is the biggest selling Italian brand in the world and has a brand value of 12.2 billion US dollar.

Ralph Lauren

This American apparel corporation headquartered in NYC  was found by Ralph Lauren in 1967.

The other brands are,



Dolce & Gabbana

House of Versace



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